Custom Window Shades in Austin, TX

Customize the perfect shade for your window with Spindle Design Co. We offer custom shades in a wide variety of options, colors, made locally in Austin, TX!

Custom Shades in Austin Texas


The most adaptable of all custom window treatments, window shades are attractive, practical and available in a vast number of styles. Gone are the days when the only options available for outfitting your windows were badly yellowed vinyl shades. Custom shades are personally fitted to your windows without hiding or masking your home's architectural beauty. Spindle Design Co. offers a fresh new look on custom window shades that offer both sophisticated and dependable options for windows of all shapes and sizes. 

With an in-home consultation in the Austin, TX area, our Interior Design specialists can help you choose the size and type of custom shades you desire, at competitive prices. Whether you are drawn to the stunning fabrics of our roman shades, the assortment of our finest roller shades and solar shades, or the popular textures of our bamboo woven wood and honeycomb cellular shades, we promise that both you and your windows will be smiling. 

Spindle Design Co. offers shades to fit your style. Whether it be a more traditional home décor, or modern contemporary, our custom shades made locally in Austin, have proven to exude a quality, streamlined look and feel.

Custom Bamboo Shades Austin Texas

Most Popular Types of Custom Window Shades:

Roman Shades Austin Texas
Solar Shades and Screens Austin Texas

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are the most popular shade for homes and condos in the Austin area.  Often simple and clean, roller shades are also available in an array of creatively woven and decorated fabric, as well as a wide range of colors.  Trendy east Austin boutiques love Spindle Design Co.'s selection of bold colors to provide that eclectic "Keep Austin Weird" undertone, while shielding beloved hipsters from the endless summer heat. At the same time, while floral and tropical prints could give an office that rare island feel, raw silk roller shades can help complement the formality of a professional firm. The most highly requested roller shade features linen fabrics woven into the shades to match subtle or solid hues, which can be an excellent option for those looking to compliment any existing professional or home decor.  Roller shades can be easily customized to meet any decorating need, with motorized options available! 

Solar Shades and Screens

Solar Shades and Screens come in a rich variety of sizes and fabrics that can range from semi-sheer to semi-opaque. Excellent for offering daytime privacy, solar shades are often characterized by their ability to soften harsh light entering a room but still allowing a panoramic view of the outside. This way, your interior furnishings are protected from the destructive ultraviolet rays of the sun - hence the name 'solar shades'.  Apart from this, solar shades can come in handy when you are trying to keep your home’s interior temperatures down, particularly during summer, or if usually suffused with excess sunlight. 

Bamboo Woven Wood

For those looking for complete privacy, bamboo woven wood is a worthy consideration. Given their solid and opaque nature, they can be built into blackout roller shades. Homes that often need occasional darkening, like during a daytime nap, will find these custom window shades indispensable.

Roman Shades

Representing one of the most popular, practical and glamorous ways of accenting your home while still protecting it from the glare of sunlight and offering privacy when needed, roman shades have consistently remained a favorite among homeowners over the years. The shade is often pleated in such a way when the roman string/cord is pulled, the fabric will fold up at even intervals completely visually sealing off the window. Not only do these shades look far better than the generic plastic shades, but they also utilize less window fabric making them a cheaper alternative to conventional ornate window treatments. 

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