Custom Drapery in Austin, TX

Are you looking for Custom made Drapery in the Austin, Texas area? Add elegance to any room with our wide selection of custom drapery designs.

Frame your world with the most exquisite, high-quality custom draperies from Spindle Design Co.

  • We know fabric.

  • We know hardware.

  • We know the glory of luxury draperies hand-sewn to perfection and hung precisely even...properly anchored... by our skilled installers.

  • Additionally, we have access to MILLIONS of fabrics only available to high-end designers.

You have come to the right place!

We know draperies.

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Custom Draperies made in Austin, Texas

Spindle Design Co. provides Custom Drapery that is adaptable to your Interior Design needs, especially when compared to generic window drapes. Our high-end custom drapes will highlight the design of your room and add elegance to your windows. With numerous luxury fabrics at your disposal, you will watch the world of top high-end design unfold with us, as we sift through a rainbow of unlimited colors and patterns, together.

Drapes can provide thermal control, increasing the overall energy efficiency of your house. Our custom drapes allow you to create a space that is cozy and energy efficient. Lining also shields the drapery fabric and your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays, prolonging the life of the drapes and the prized possessions in your room.

 Our large selection of window treatments including curtains, rods, valences and more will match your furniture and home décor better than a standard, pre-packaged product. The superior quality of craftsmanship from Spindle Design Co. is second to none. The fabric of our custom drapes, sewn locally in Austin, TX, are stunning, durable, and built to last.  You will have a truly unique look to your home, with turnkey pricing, installation, and satisfaction guaranteed.

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