Should You Rent Furniture to Stage Your Home for Sale?

Should you rent furniture to Stage your home for sale? Furniture can be a major part of staging a home - get tips on furniture rental with Spindle Design Co.


When it comes to home staging, it isn't about the amount of money you spend, but about creating the perfect environment to attract buyers. The fact of the matter is that most people react to some sort of emotional prompt, a gut feeling that ultimately drives them to making an offer on your home. Prospective buyers need to picture themselves, as well as their families, continuing their lives in the space you’ve cultivated. Home staging is hands down the single best tool a home seller can have in his or her toolbox in order to effectively market the property so it sells for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. What staging does is highlight the positives of a property and downplay the negatives.

Homeowners are often left with a dilemma, should they use their existing furniture to put the house on display, or should they rent furniture that may accentuate the home and put it over the top for a prospective buyer? That being said, most professional home staging companies offer both furnished and vacant home staging services, and those vacant homes absolutely need furniture to make them stand out. The emotional decision-making involved in purchasing a home lends itself to staging; the buyer is visualizing a lifestyle, wants to feel comfortable and be excited to move in as soon as possible.

Home Staging Furniture Rental vs. Owning

Renting furniture to stage your home for sale has some pretty distinct advantages over owning. The investment up front is minimal; you won’t need to empty your bank account in order rent furniture for home staging.  There is also the benefit of not having to transport the furniture to your house, or the need to worry about where it is stored. All of these benefits allow you to keep your focus on the primary task at hand which is the staging of your home for quick sale.

While renting furniture for home staging can be convenient and beneficial to one’s pockets, rental furniture can also be extremely limiting, and some home staging professionals find rental furniture to be plain and unattractive. Home staging rental furniture tends to be neutral by design, sometimes an extremely dull modern look. That can make it difficult to find the perfect piece for the alluring look that most home sellers are going for. Most rental companies also require a three-month minimum, and if you don’t end up selling your home in that three month span, the costlier it gets.  

So, what does this mean if you’re trying to stage your home to sell quickly?

If you’re looking to stage your home, impress prospective buyers and have it off the market quickly, here are some simple home staging tips to follow:

•    Don’t show beat-up or off-putting furniture — A good staging job— whether it is done by a professional or just a regular home owner trying to save a buck — includes selecting the right furnishings to paint your home in its best form. Often times it may be as simple as switching around the current furniture to give specific rooms a different feel.  That being said, if you have furniture that needs a serious upgrade, or fabric that totally contradicts the decor of the room, there is no amount of reorganizing that is going to help you. 

•    Ensure the rooms are clear of clutter and debris - Your house doesn’t necessarily have to be a pigsty to turn prospective home buyer’s off from offering on your home.  Everyday clutter that accrues from your day to day lifestyle can ultimately be the difference in a buyer perceiving your home positively or negatively. Minuscule misses like this can rapidly stunt all progress that you’ve made in boosting the selling power of a properly staged home.

Ultimately, even if you’re trying to pinch pennies on a budget, you should consider a home-staging consultation with a professional home staging service like Spindle Design Co. Professionals that have staged hundreds of homes can spot minor things that you never thought of as well as give you advice about what buyers in the area have expressed that they love and hate to see in a home.