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Need help with home staging in the Austin, TX area? We specialize in staging your property to increase its potential value on the Real Estate market in Austin.

HOME REDESIGN...it's time.

  • Did you recently move into your dream home, but are not quite sure where everything belongs?
  • Have you been living in your current home for awhile, occasionally wishing you could light everything on fire and just start over?  (Don't do that, please.)
  • Are you frustrated after wasting countless hours, spinning in circles, arranging and rearranging furniture, and it STILL doesn't look right?
  • Do you look at your shelves and cringe because they are so cluttered, and Martha Stewart makes it look SO easy?
  • Are you curious about feng shui, and creating proper flow and balance?
  • Would you like to invite guests over, but are worried they might quietly judge your space?
  • Are you spending too much time on Pinterest, gazing longingly at everyone else's boards, pinning and pinning and pinning, but...it's NOT happening?
  • Do you feel like your house is just not that into you?


Spindle Design Co. can happily swoop in and give your home the cosmetic face-lift it needs. Sometimes, all it takes is the right placement and layout. Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation. Show us the place, and we will do the rest! Go treat yourself to a day at the spa, and when you return home, you will actually FEEL at home and rest easy, knowing everything is where it should be.  Ahhhhh....


What is Home Staging?

Selling your home? Home staging is the process of depersonalizing, minimizing clutter, and redesigning your home to appeal to a buyer-friendly perspective. Updating the look of a home in a professionally calculated way and highlighting its focal points makes the home feel comfortable and inviting.

Why Should I Stage My Home?

Faster, larger profits – It’s a proven fact a house staged with furniture that is fashionable sees less time in the marketplace and higher sale costs. Studies show professionally staged homes sell at least 50% faster, in addition to adding resale value. When you stage your home to sell love a faster sale and bigger gains. Apartments which are professionally staged end up selling faster as well. Spend less time trying to find the next buyer and enjoy higher profits thanks to professional home staging in Austin, Texas from Spindle Design Co. 

Put Your Home's Best Foot Forward – With professional home staging, you can feature certain aspects of your property while minimizing less attractive ones. By turning a modest space like a veranda or patio into a prime gathering spot, you create more areas in which a homebuyer can imagine spending time. In today's housing market, professional photographs are critical to renting an apartment or selling a home. Professional home staging additionally ensures more professional-looking photographs when you put your property on the market, giving it a much more powerful selling point.

Professional home staging makes a more favorable impression on buyers or renters and can modernize the appearance of your house. The majority of homebuyers cannot envision the potential of an empty room or a home that is overly personalized to the seller's taste. A buyer needs to feel welcome in their new potential home! 

Professional Staging Advice for Better Results with Spindle Design Co!

+ Home presentation is the NUMBER ONE factor impacting a homebuyer's decision.

+ A buyer's opinion is formed instantly, the moment they walk through the front door.

+ A professionally staged home will potentially sell twice as fast as an unstaged home.

+ A home staged by Spindle Design Co. sells for an average 10% higher price than an unstaged home.

+ Check out our 10 Essential Tips for Staging your Home for Sale


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Spindle Design Co. helps you transform your house into a living area that invites, entices, and inspires. Our team is committed to helping you through every step of the home staging process.

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