10 Amazing Tips for Staging your Home for Sale

Strategic staging is vital to selling your home quickly and at the best price. Get expert advise on home staging with our 10 amazing tips for staging your home for sale. 

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Home staging is a science that can create an environment that strikes an emotional chord with buyers. A vacant property gives the feeling that a house is empty and impersonal - this keeps the buyer from emotionally connecting with the home. The objective of staging is to sell a home, maximize the speed of the sale and the price with the minimal amount of time, money and effort spent. 

Most interior design firms suggest several relatively inexpensive steps that home sellers can take to make their homes stand out. Chief among those steps is cleaning your house from top to bottom and removing the clutter. After all, you may be completely enamored with the large display of ceramic cats displayed throughout your home, but your precious collection is likely to deter several potential buyers.

Home Staging Techniques for Selling a Home

Besides ensuring your home is sparkling clean, here are ten valuable tips to consider when staging a home for sale:

1.    Depersonalize your home by removing most family photos and extensive collections
Prospective buyers want to envision how their belongings will fit into the home. Clear off the collectibles and decorative items from the tops of your cupboards, counters and tables. Remember, the way you stage your house is not necessarily the way you regularly live in it.

2.    Clear out the clutter and boxes from your basement or garage
If necessary, paint the walls and floors in your basement. Also clean out closets and cabinet drawers to assure potential buyers that your house has ample storage space.

3.    Consider grouping some of the furniture from your living room and other areas
Less furniture will make your home appear larger. Display only a few carefully selected and tasteful decorative items in each room.

4.    Remove all the elements from the door of your refrigerator
This includes photos, notes and magnets. Your important reminders and memories look like clutter to potential buyers.  Freshen up your garbage disposal- you should put a lemon wedge in and run the disposal. This method helps in neutralizing odors and creating a fresh lemon scent. Besides, fresh lemon can be used in scrubbing kitchen counters.

5.    Lawn maintenance
The lawn is one of the first places that potential buyers will see before entering your house. Therefore, you should make it attractive too. Trim grasses and remove pet litters. You can also add water sprinklers if your budget still permits you to do so.

6.    During the holidays, decorate sparingly
Just keep the living décor associated with holidays, such as pumpkins, gourds, trees or poinsettias, fresh.

7.    Consider repainting walls a neutral color
If you've used a bold color palette on your walls, consider light grey, off-white, or beige. Remove wallpaper.

8.    Saturate your home with natural light
Clean your windows both inside and outside. Dust and wash your screens, and remove heavy draperies and replace them with lightly colored or sheer panels. If you already have light-colored window coverings, make sure they are freshly laundered or dry-cleaned. For showings, pull up shades and pull back draperies.

9.    Vacuum the floor. Sweeping, wiping, and scrubbing are not enough to make your floor spic and span. 
There is always debris that is too small to be picked up by broom and mop. It is advisable to run the vacuum cleaner so as to eliminate tiny particles such as soil and sand grains as well as pet hair. Also consider having your carpets professionally cleaned and your wood floors buffed. If the old carpet is covering hardwood floors, remove it. If your carpet needs to be replaced, go ahead and do it versus offering a carpeting allowance because buyers want just to move into their new home without having a lot of extra work to do.

10.    Ornament your garden; Natural color is always appealing to the eyes. 
Enhance your garden's appearance through establishing a picturesque setting. Planting flowering plants is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Besides imparting vivid colors they have a fragrance that contributes to the inviting atmosphere you want to generate for your home staging endeavor

Finally, working with an interior designer for additional tips on staging your home will assist with a fast and efficient sale. This is what they do for a living, and they know what works best for your type of home and the area you live in. And don't neglect to ask your realtor what potential buyers are saying about your home after they tour it. That information may help you fine-tune your staging efforts. By working in conjunction with your realtor and interior designer, you can properly prepare your home for sale and change the "For Sale" sign to "SOLD!"

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